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The beauty of teamwork

CBDDespite soaking rains that thwarted some efforts, Augsburg’s first Campus Beautification Day was, by all accounts, a success. The soggy weather on June 11 did not prevent legions of Augsburg staff, students, and faculty from cleaning, planting, and painting on and off campus.

Projects included a team cleaning up debris along the Mississippi River and others planting a border and building a path in the community garden. There were five painting projects involving 45 faculty, staff, and students working in Marketing and Communication, Event and Conference Planning, Murphy Place, Lindell Library, and the tunnel beneath Christensen Center. Continue reading “The beauty of teamwork”

Auggies really do get their hands dirty

trashYou’ve done it — thrown your perfectly recyclable plastic water bottle into the garbage can. Perhaps there wasn’t a recycling bin nearby, or you just didn’t care. Whatever the case, chances are you’ve been one of many Americans, and Auggies, to throw your recyclables into the trash.

Recently, a group of Augsburg students and facilities supervisor Tom Ruffaner got down and dirty and dug through two-days’ worth of our garbage. Their purpose? To get to the bottom of Augsburg’s well-intentioned recycling program. Continue reading “Auggies really do get their hands dirty”