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What I did on my summer vacation

urgo_summer While the rest of us are enjoying a quiet afternoon on the lake or seeing the latest summer blockbuster, 16 Augsburg students will be in the lab or the library conducting research. Perhaps one of them will be blazing a trail to Augsburg’s next Nobel prize.

URGO — the office of Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity — provides summer research grants for students interested in graduate or professional study. The program encourages undergraduate students to conduct research by requiring an understanding of current questions in a field, the ability to collaborate with others, and the persistence necessary to meet the demands of graduate study. Continue reading “What I did on my summer vacation”

Auggies really do get their hands dirty

trashYou’ve done it — thrown your perfectly recyclable plastic water bottle into the garbage can. Perhaps there wasn’t a recycling bin nearby, or you just didn’t care. Whatever the case, chances are you’ve been one of many Americans, and Auggies, to throw your recyclables into the trash.

Recently, a group of Augsburg students and facilities supervisor Tom Ruffaner got down and dirty and dug through two-days’ worth of our garbage. Their purpose? To get to the bottom of Augsburg’s well-intentioned recycling program. Continue reading “Auggies really do get their hands dirty”