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Self-Care for Activists


Beginner’s Guide to Self-Care for Activists


Identifying Your Role and Practicing Self-Care as a Young Black Activist


Self-care and prevention of burn out among activists – tools for everyday life


Self-Care for Change Agents and Activists   Podcast by Dr. Thema (YouTube)


Self-Care for Activists:  Sustaining Your Most Valuable Resource


Why Self-Care is Crucial for People of Color (and Especially Activists)


Activists, don’t feel guilty about self-care and setting boundaries


Imade on Depression, and the Intersections of Social Justice and Mental Health  Black writer and activist (YouTube)


Healing: The Act of Radical Self-Care   Dr. Joi Lewis  (book)  “When you’re an emotional laborer, healer, activist, community leader, or voice for change, the burden of oppression, trauma, and sorrow can seem never-ending. When you’re facing nonstop heartache day-to-day, it’s easy to wish for total numbness. But when you can’t feel pain, you can’t feel joy.”


The Cultural Wellness Center  Elder Coaching


Irresistible podcast  healing and inspiration for social justice activists


Sanvello app   Sign up with a .edu account and you get free access to their premium Guided Meditations.


*These resources are intended to be helpful resources for your healing and self-care.  The links are for information only and are not endorsed or recommended by Augsburg CWC.