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Back on campus to connect with students

ministry_internsBy Wendi Wheeler ’06

Jeanette Clark ’07 and Antonio Spargo ’07 don’t know a lot of the current Day students. That’s because most of them were in high school when Clark and Spargo last attended Augsburg. So now that they are back on campus as campus ministry interns, they believe their most important job responsibility is getting to know students.

Both Clark and Spargo have been studying at Luther Seminary, and each has completed at least one internship already. Dave Wold, who knew Clark and Spargo because of their involvement with campus ministry as undergraduates, contacted the seminarians this summer and asked if they would like to work at Augsburg this fall.

“It’s like an internship but not,” Clark said. Though it is early in the school year, Clark sees her role as supporting students and helping campus ministry groups “get off the ground for the year.” Continue reading “Back on campus to connect with students”

Auggies pitch in to help tornado victims

tornado_reliefOn the evening of Sunday, May 22, residents of the north metro were caught in the path of a tornado that took two lives, displaced residents, and caused more than $166 million in damage to the area.

On Monday, Brian Noy and Mary Laurel True of Augsburg’s Sabo Center for Citizenship and Learning sat down and started brainstorming about ways to help—because that is what Auggies do.

“Actually,” True said, “President Pribbenow called and asked what we were going to do for North Minneapolis.” The two decided to organize clean-up groups to go to the area Wednesday and Thursday afternoon (see details below). Continue reading “Auggies pitch in to help tornado victims”

Auggies find devastation and hope in New Orleans

Brianna Radloff works with preschool aged children at Head Start. Courtesy Kristin Farrell
Brianna Radloff works with preschool aged children at Head Start. Courtesy Kristin Farrell

While spring break may have brought a streak of “warm” weather to Minnesota, it certainly could not compare to the warmth experienced by Auggies in New Orleans. Thirty students and staff spent the week in the Crescent City doing service work and experiencing the destruction that remains and optimism that prevails in this remarkable city.

We arrived on March 13 to Camp Restore, a Lutheran volunteer camp that connects volunteers to a variety of service projects in the city. We settled into our bunks in the boxcars at Camp Restore to get ready for the week of work ahead. Throughout the week we painted, put in insulation and dry wall, helped at a horse ranch, and worked with kids. Continue reading “Auggies find devastation and hope in New Orleans”

A word from the President—Why is service important?

pres_blogEditor’s Note: On Tuesday afternoon, the Cedar-Riverside and Seward neighborhood will be filled with first-year Auggies, faculty members, staff members, and members of President Pribbenow’s Cabinet. Why is service important?

In his latest blog post, President Pribbenow addresses that question. A copy of the blog post is below. Find “Paul’s Blog” on the Augsburg College President’s webpage.

Education and service

On Tuesday, the Augsburg community will honor its historic commitment to “Education for Service” as we participate in our long-standing “City Service Day.” On that day, more than 500 Auggies—students, faculty and staff—will fan out across the Twin Cities to be of service to our neighbors. Continue reading “A word from the President—Why is service important?”