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The journey of a sweater

sweater_storyOn any given day in the winter at Augsburg, especially around the Christmas holidays or during our annual Velkommen Jul celebration, one can be sure to spot a Norwegian sweater. The traditional Norwegian lusekofte (“lice jacket”), also called “setesdalgenser” (setesdal sweater), is a design that dates back to the early 18th century.

Augsburg’s Mary Laurel True of the Center for Democracy and Citizenship has a Norwegian sweater with an interesting history. She writes:

Several years ago I bought what I thought might be a Norwegian sweater at Savers second hand store so that I would have appropriate attire for the celebration of Velkommen Jul at Augsburg College. Continue reading “The journey of a sweater”

What to read during the winter break

readinglist2011 By Wendi Wheeler ’06

When I was an undergraduate student in the Weekend College program at Augsburg, I studied a lot. I was that geeky student who began the homework assignment for the next class session immediately after class, and we typically had two weeks between classes. So, I studied a lot, and I loved being a student.

But every year in the break between the fall and winter trimesters, I would read as many books as I could just for fun. I was so glad that I didn’t have to take notes or underline passages or prepare a reflection, so I would generally spend the entirety of my winter break with my nose buried in a book. I got great grades, but I didn’t have much of a social life in college. Continue reading “What to read during the winter break”

How to survive finals week

finalsweekThe last week or two of the semester, sometimes referred to as “crunch time” or by other less-publishable terms, can be difficult for students (and for faculty). Here are some tips for students to help make finals week a little less stressful.

1. Go to the writing lab early and often

The Lab is located in Lindell Library on the street level, left of the circulation desk. Tutors can help writers at any stage of their writing process. No appointments are taken; just stop by. Hours are:

Continue reading “How to survive finals week”

Las Posadas reenacts journey of Mary and Joseph

lasposadasOn Friday, Dec. 9, Augsburg will celebrate “Las Posadas” during chapel. All are welcome to attend this festive event.

Las Posadas is a procession reenacting the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem in their search for lodging (posada), awaiting the birth of baby Jesus. It is cultural tradition in many Spanish-speaking communities around the world.

According to an article on Mexican arts and culture, in traditional Las Posadas celebrations, a party is held each night for nine days in a neighborhood home. At dusk, guests gather outside the house with children dressed as shepherds, angels and sometimes, Mary and Joseph. An angel leads the procession of “pilgrims,” followed by Mary and Joseph or by guests carrying their images. The adults follow, carrying lighted candles. Continue reading “Las Posadas reenacts journey of Mary and Joseph”

Advent Vespers brings in holiday season with music and liturgy

vespers2010For more than thirty years, Augsburg College has observed the beginning of the Christmas season with Advent Vespers, a joyous celebration of the holidays.This year the College will mark this 32nd annual event with services highlighting the theme “He comes to us as one unknown.”

This event takes place in the remarkable neo-Gothic sanctuary of Central Lutheran Church in downtown Minneapolis, with a ceiling that soars 65 feet and large stained glass windows similar to those of London’s Westminster Abbey. More than 300 musicians, liturgists and banner carriers will participate in this dramatic and uplifting event.

Seating envelopes are required for the service and are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Suggested donations, received at the door, are $10 per person or $25 per family. Non-perishable food donations will be collected before each service for distribution to community food banks. For more information, call 612-330-1265 or visit the Vespers website. Continue reading “Advent Vespers brings in holiday season with music and liturgy”

Design installation illuminates the dark truth about chocolate

chocolateBy Kacie Lucchini ’14 and Wendi Wheeler ’06

You might have noticed something different in the Christensen Center recently. It’s not the hundreds of feet of orange air compressor hose nailed to the wall or an empty office space behind the welcome desk. It’s a series of facts and figures in an art installation that may encourage you to think differently about your next candy purchase.

The current show in the Christensen Center student art gallery, The Dark Truth about Chocolate, has something a little different to offer than the usual art installation provides. Augsburg design and graphic design students took part in organizing an art show around the trafficking and child labor in the chocolate industry. Under the direction of professor Chris Houltberg, a new addition to Augsburg faculty this fall, the students were challenged to make an art show that stood for something. Continue reading “Design installation illuminates the dark truth about chocolate”

Strommen speaker series features Steve Wehrenberg ’78 of Campbell Mithun

strommen_wehrenbergThis Thursday, Augsburg welcomes Steve Wehrenberg ’78, CEO of the Minneapolis-based ad agency, Campbell Mithun. His lecture on finding truth in advertising, which will begin at 5 p.m. in Hoversten Chapel in Foss Center, is part of the Strommen Speaker Series.

Wehrenberg graduated magna cum laude from Augsburg with a bachelor’s degree in English and communication studies. While at Augsburg, he was editor of the Echo and the Murphy Square literary magazine. Continue reading “Strommen speaker series features Steve Wehrenberg ’78 of Campbell Mithun”

Asian American students share their stories through theater

inside_outBy Wendi Wheeler ’06

Walk past the student lounge in Christensen Center on any given afternoon, and it becomes clear that Asian American students make up a sizeable portion of the Augsburg student body. The lounge is a popular hangout for students—a place for them to study, relax, and connect with each other.

To hear some stories of Asian American students at Augsburg, attend the Augsburg Theater Department production of Inside Out. In collaboration with Mu Performing Arts and Pan Asian Student Services, Augsburg will present Inside Out Nov. 18-20.

Inside Out was created and is directed by Rick Shiomi, artistic director of Mu Performing Arts of St. Paul, Minn. The project began when Shiomi interviewed several Asian American students at Augsburg. Based on the interviews, Shiomi developed a series of short scenes that reflect their experiences. The performance also includes additional scenes created by students. Continue reading “Asian American students share their stories through theater”

ACTC film festival is the start of new academic collaborations

actcfilmfestivalBy Wendi Wheeler ’06  

This Wednesday evening, film students and faculty from Hamline, St. Catherine, Macalester, St. Thomas, and Augsburg will gather at the first film festival of the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC). The event, titled “Show Us Your Stories,” is the culmination of an effort on behalf of the colleges to collaborate on academic programs.

The work of seven Augsburg students and alumni will be featured in the festival, which will be held Nov. 16 at 7 p.m. at the St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis. Continue reading “ACTC film festival is the start of new academic collaborations”

Jazmine Darden '13 receives Tekne Scholarship

darden_tekneAt the Minnesota High Tech Foundation awards ceremony held earlier this month, mathematics and physics major Jazmine Darden ’13 [left] was one of eight Minnesota undergraduate students to receive a Tekne Scholarship. The scholarships are awarded to students seeking careers in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields or in STEM teaching.

At the ceremony, Darden was able to network with representatives of many of Minnesota’s leading technology companies and make connections for future internship and career opportunities. “It was like the Academy Awards of the technology industry in Minnesota,” she said. “Everyone was there.” Continue reading “Jazmine Darden '13 receives Tekne Scholarship”